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What is the job of a social media manager?

In our society where it is now essential for businesses to stand out on the web, social media managers are the ones who work behind the scenes to make it happen. Being a job in great demand, we will demystify the tasks as well as the prerequisites in order to do this job.

What does the social media manager do?

In order to create and manage content, you first need to know what the business goals are. Attract subscribers? Encourage people to buy their products/services? You have to target what you want to do on your social networks and who you want to reach. When a list of goals is well established, it is now possible to create the content that will be posted on social networks. This is when a publication schedule is put in place in order to visualize everything that needs to be published and to vary the content. The key word? Strategy! Everything is thought out behind what is posted by the manager.

The goal of the social media manager? Attract an audience interested in the content and who will interact with it. This means that we must also answer questions and comments from people. It is important to moderate any messages that do not belong on the page and under the posts.


Qualities and aptitudes

In order to post catchy and original content, you need creativity! It is important to stand out from your competition and find ways to engage with the audience. Creating visuals can take up a large part of the tasks in this job. Choosing a visual identity and sticking to it is essential so that everything goes well together.

Versatility is also essential! The community manager regularly switches from one task to another. You have to be able to adapt to the situation, find solutions and be willing to learn.

Having a sense of organization is crucial! It is necessary to know in which order to put your priorities. Last minute and urgent requests can often occur. At these times, you have to know what tasks to put off without having a considerable impact.

If you want to get started in this field, you must have a very good knowledge of different social media and what’s new on the web. You have to understand how management systems work in order to be able to create advertisements to a target audience.



The journey to becoming a social media manager can be very different from one person to another. The most traditional is to take a bachelor’s degree from university in communication, journalism or public relations. On the other hand, it is mainly on the labor market that most of the learning will take place. You will learn a lot from the experience of your co-workers.

It is also possible to improve and learn new working tools with continuing education. At Doussou Formation, we offer a wide variety of training in information technology. We have several trainings on social media management, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In addition, for the creation of visuals, we offer training on Canva.


In the job market

There are many potential companies that can hire a social media manager. As we saw earlier in this article, since the way businesses stand out is through social media presence, social media managers play a big role.


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