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What is an IT business analyst?

In the early days of the Internet in the 1990s, companies started their information technology (IT) projects without really establishing their business needs in the first place. As you can imagine, this caused problems in the smooth running of their projects. From there was born the job of IT business analyst: their role is to make the link between business and information technology. Let’s take a look at this still recent profession, but now so important for information technology projects.

Role and functions of the IT business analyst

When managing projects, the IT business analyst is the one who analyzes and determines the business needs before the project starts. Once the needs and requirements have been determined, he develops an IT solution adapted to them. He must document everything and ensure that the project meets business needs, throughout the process.

Contact with customers plays a big part in the daily life of the IT business analyst. He must first meet with them to determine their needs, and then remain available to assist and advise them.


Qualities and aptitudes

To be a good IT business analyst, you need to have good communication skills, both orally and in writing. It is also necessary to have good analytical and synthesis skills. Since the IT business analyst must assert his analyzes and direct others towards the objectives to be achieved, he must have a good ability to convince and influence. Thus, having a good capacity for interpersonal relationships and for teamwork is also essential. To have good relations with his clients and to ensure their satisfaction, he must have good listening skills and he must have a results-oriented approach. Having a sense of initiative and a sense of order are also qualities to have in order to practice this profession.



There are not yet any study programs that train exclusively business analysts. Thus, several combinations of studies and work experiences are possible. However, training in business and information technology is required. Some IT business analysts come from the business world and then complete their IT training, or the other way around. Usually, a university education is required. Some obtain an undergraduate university degree in management and/or computer science.

Although IT business analysts are not those in charge of IT development, it is important that they have good computer skills, among other things to better understand customer needs and to better advise them. It is also essential for them to stay up to date on technologies. At Doussou Formation, we offer a wide variety of training courses in the IT field: WordPress, web marketing (SEO, Google, social networks and more), systems and networks (Cisco, Windows and Linux), databases (SQL, Oracle)… and much more! Continuing education is therefore an interesting avenue to supplement the training of IT business analysts.


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